Zacc Dukowitz was born at the age of 17, a barrel chested coal miner with very small hands. A few years later he left his home in Little Rock to pursue other options in Hawaii, fabled land of peanut butter smoothies.

Later on he read books and got a diploma for the effort at St. John’s College. After college he worked with Breakthrough Santa Fe and taught English at Santa Fe Prep while pursuing a serious Aikido practice at Santa Fe Aikikai under Sensei Jim Hauer.



The next chapter in this story opens on a beautiful MFA program in Gainesville, FL, where Zacc met his wife and a number of alligators. Along the way he worked on director and producer Paul Orehovec’s independent film I Am Death (2013), in which he played the lead and helped write dialogue. Paul officiated Zacc’s marriage to his wife, Spenser, a month before they moved to Guatemala in September, 2013.

These are Zacc’s children. The blond is his by birth and the littler one was adopted from the mountainside above his house after a terrific rain—but he believes himself Zacc’s true child, so please keep that under your hat (don’t worry; he can’t read). Zacc’s work has appeared in the Bellevue Literary Review, PANK, the American Literary Review, and elsewhere.

Check out his short shorts and stories.


Zacc is currently working on a novel set in the future in Guatemala which features humans that can breath underwater, obnoxious American ex-pats (including three to seven characters based on himself), and issues related to social justice and water skiing. For research purposes, he has been holding his breath as time passes to simulate submersion and time travel. He is up to 37 seconds.

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